APICS Involvement:
An Opportunity for Personal and Professional Growth
by Karen Alber, former Chicago Chapter President

These are all questions you have likely asked yourself when considering whether or not to get involved in APICS or any other organization, for that matter.  Well, I can personally attest that I asked myself all of these and more prior to my APICS involvement.

My involvement in APICS has given me MUCH more than I have put into it.

What have I put into it?

I have been a member for about 10 years.  I pursued my CPIM designation a few years ago and completed it in just a few months.  I then began to get further involved in the chapter.  I started on a committee that met once a month or so.  I then moved on to further leadership roles including VP marketing, VP education, president-elect and now president.  In addition, I am involved on a couple of national committees and have published articles and research for the Performance Advantage and the E & R Foundation.  This involvement has included numerous evening commitments, periodic weekend commitments, phone calls and a few hours of APICS work during the week.

What have I gotten out of it?

I have considered all of the above effort an INVESTMENT in myself, my career, my personal development and most of all, my success.  For those who invest in the stock market, this would be an investment you would be proud of.   It has provided me with the following:

Public Speaking Skills:  I have been provided with numerous speaking opportunities at APICS activities and as a result am a recognized speaker who will travel to South Africa in May to speak at the South Africa SAPICS conference.

Leadership Skills: I have led various committees, projects and now the APICS Chicago Chapter board.  This has provided a testing ground for facilitation, meeting and leadership skills that are highly transferable to the workplace.
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Why Volunteer
Where will I find the time?

What will I get out of it?

What about work?

Will it take a lot of my personal time?
Networking:  I have developed a vast network of contacts, both personal and professional.  The opportunity to interact with people from numerous disciplines and companies has paid off greatly in establishing credibility and industry knowledge within my company.

Friendships: This  does not have to be all work.  Time is too valuable these days not to have some fun when we are doing our jobs.  Indeed, APICS has played a major role in both my professional and social lives.
These are just a few areas of opportunity and growth.  I know of others who say their last few jobs were obtained do to their APICS involvement and that their financial skills were enhanced due to a role they played on APICS committees.   I thank APICS for the opportunities it has provided all of us and encourage each of you to consider what you can do for APICS and yourself as well.  There are numerous opportunities to grow and enjoy yourself along the way.  If you are interested in getting involved in any way, please give me or any member of the Chicago Chapter board a call!

(Note from the editor:  If you are interested in volunteering, contact your local chapter board of directors!)