Advancing Productivity, Innovation, and Competitive Success
The Sundance Chapter
Board Responsibilities
Chapter President
Director of Administration
Director of Membership
Director of Programs
Director of Company Coordinators
Director of Marketing
Director of Finance
Director of Education
Director of Publicity
Board of Director & Committee Responsibilities

The Board of Directors for the APICS Sundance Chapter shall consist of the President, and the following eight(8) elected officers to make up the Board, and any appointed committee chairpersons of standing committees, or other Chapter Supporters as needed. All elected officers, with the exception of the Chapter President, will have the right to vote on Chapter matters. The Chapter President has the right to vote in the case of a tie-breaking vote. All elected officers may only miss three(3) board meetings within the Chapter Year.

All Committee Chairpersons of standing committees and other volunteers filling support positions to help with the workload and various projects will not have the authority to vote on Chapter matters.

Workload due to vacancies on the board will be distributed throughout the board members.

Elected Officers - (President & Voting Board Members)
- Direct the Chapter
- Conduct Board and Chapter Meetings
- Represent the Chapter at Region Meetings
- Maintain the Chapter Passport
- Support the President
- Meeting Minutes
- Update, Maintain and Report Chapter By-Laws
- Manage the Chapter's Checking Account
- Maintain Accurate, and up-to-date Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income
Statement, etc.
- Reports the Chapter's Financial Status at the monthly Board meetings
- Liaison between the MATC, other ATCs and the Chapter
- Purchase Course Materials
- Purchase and Maintain Testing Vouchers
- Evaluate and Maintain the Quality Instructor Base
- Provide Education Customer Service
- Maintain the Membership Database
- Manage Membership Retention and Recruitment
- Maintain the Chapters Mailing List(s)
- Provide the MATC with monthly membership list(s)
- Coordinate and arrange Chapter Professional Development Meetings (PDMs),
Plant Tours, Top Management Nights, Seminars and all other Chapter
- Liaison between each Company and the Chapter
- Develop programs and suggestions to help maintain Company Coordinator
- Maintain the Chapter's Contact List(s)
- Make arrangements for PDM Prize Drawings
- Chapter Development
- Coordinates all publicity efforts and strategic campaigns to highlight Chapter programs
and certification offerings.
- Expanding Horizons with other ATCs, Colleges and Universities
- Strategic Planning
- Webmaster
- Postmaster
- Produce Fliers, Newsletters, eNewsletters and all other forms of communications needed
Committee Chairpersons and Support Positions - (non-Voting)

Not limited - Other committees and committee chairpersons can be established to help with the workload as needed.
Education - Committee Chairperson
- Committee Chairperson - CPIM
- Committee Chairperson - CIRM
- Liaison to Student Chapter(s) and ATCs
Communications - Committee Chairperson
- Committee Chairperson - Website
- Committee Chairperson - Awards
- Committee Chairperson - Chapter Contact List(s)
Programs - Committee Chairperson
- Committee Chairperson - Seminars
- Committee Chairperson - Top Management
- Committee Chairperson - Chapter Elections
Marketing - Committee Chairperson
- Committee Chairperson - Meeting Demo(s)
Administrative Assistant
- Take Board Meeting Minutes
- Arranges for meals at Board Meetings
- Maintain the Chapter By-Laws
- Support where needed