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Company Coordinators
Company Coordinators

Company Coordinators function as corporate liaisons with the Sundance Chapter. A company coordinator is someone who will assist in promoting education and professional development programs within his or her respective company.
This list was last updated: November 9, 2014
†To make changes to this list please contact the Director of Compnay Coordinators.
Company Coordinator
ADR Packaging Eric McCuistion
Alpine Systems Inc.
Asphalt Zipper Greg Ware
Autoliv ASP Incorporated Lisa Eckart
Beehive, Inc. David Swank
Brigham Young University Tom Foster
Cephalon, Inc. Shana Croft
DAW Technologies Steven Thayne
Deseret Manufacturing Bruce Harper
Express Ware Steve Goodrich
Flowserve Jeryl Wray
Fort Knox Security Jerry Semersheim
Klune Industries Brad Jackson
KP Corporation Bruce Stone
Larsen Davis Sue Wood
Legrand Home Systems Adam Knighton
Mitylite Jason Lee
Modus Media Stan Stolle
Morinda Larry Knight
Nature's Sunshine Kristine Alvarez
Naturesway Brian Hatch
Nestle Frozen Food Paul Wilson
Neways Inc. Jed Thomas
Novell, Inc. Vicki Farr
Nuskin Int'l David Palombo 
Powder River Danny Olsen
Precision Assembly Steve VanBibber
Profit Key Int'l Craig Pinegar
Promodel Enrique Cahua
Questar Gas David Miller
SAPA Alan Rasmussen
Smith MegaDiamond Bob Radle
Supranaturals Scott Walker
Traco Manufacturing Ken Erickson
Turbolinux, Inc. Richard Hammond
Unicity Network
US Synthetic Rock Gricius
Wencor West Suzanne Sanders
Wing Enterprises Inc. Jeff Dinsdale
XanGo Stephen Ryther
Young Living Essential Oils Dave Crump